Our Juicing Process

The goods, always from nature

We harvest and curate the highest quality organically grown / chemical-free (and non-GMO when applicable) ingredients, using local produce in-season and whenever possible.

Focus on fresh

Juices are always pressed fresh and made-to-order. We never pre-press and store, freeze, heat, or add synthetics that extend the shelf life. We only offer pure, fresh juice made with high quality organic ingredients, with a focus on minimizing the time between garden and bottle.

Best-In-Class Cold-Press Technology

All ZDF juice is extracted using a professional hydraulic press; we invest in world-class Goodnature equipment and technology to ensure you always drink the most nutritious and highest quality juice possible. Organically grown produce is pressed slowly between two cold steel plates with nine tons of force, a process that minimizes exposure to oxygen and heat, and extracts more of the live enzymes, vitamins, and minerals our bodies need to thrive.

We Minimize Waste

We're committed to using reusable glass bottles and avoiding single-use plastic in our kitchen whenever possible. Leftover juice pulp is also used as compost to regenerate our soil and to create healthy treats for the donkeys.