Donate to our KC healers

Donate "The Healer" shot for a healer! Help us nourish our KC medical professionals that are risking their lives every day on the front lines of COVID-19. With the help of local M.D. Rahul Kapur, we are bringing urgent fresh nourishment to medical professionals on the COVID-19 floors of the North KC Liberty Hospital. If you are able, please consider purchasing immune-boosting Healer shots for the medical professionals who are working around the clock to fight this pandemic. Dr. Kapur will make the first delivery of Healer shots to the COVID floors at Liberty hospital Monday 3/30. Add any amount of donated shots to your order, or order separately as a standalone donation. 

If you or someone you know works on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic and would like to volunteer to deliver nourishment to your colleagues in other medical facilities, please reach out to us and we will do whatever we can to get immunity-boosting juice to your team safely: 

THANK YOU to the heroes working around the clock to save lives!

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