Pico's Punch (Seasonal)


Raw, Vegan, Organic, Cold-pressed, Gluten Free

Ingredients: watermelon, strawberry, lemon, mint

What it feels like: Cooling, refreshing, hydrating!

This bright and uplifting summery juice is a hydrating, antioxidant-rich powerhouse! It's absolutely mouthwatering, especially for those hot summer days, porch hangs, and relaxing days at the pool or lake. Pico's Punch offers a much healthier substitute for sugary sports drinks and is a general wellness and pain control aid for expecting and new mothers!

Pro tip: Nix those sugary, synthetic, artificially flavored sports hydration drinks and enter Pico's Punch for cleaner hydration without the artificial B.S. + LOADS more health benefits! You can taste and feel the difference!

Potential benefits: general hydration, skin health, immune system support, digestive health, fight inflammation, relieve muscle soreness, relieve morning sickness in pregnant women, reduce breastfeeding pain, general disease prevention, brain health, electrolyte balance

Why Pico? We named this summery juice after our rescued donkey "Pico," who loves basking in the summer sun while enjoying a healthy watermelon snack :)

Available in our signature 16oz and large 32oz sizes

This is a raw natural product and settling is natural. Shake well and enjoy within 5 days. We ask that you kindly return your reusable ZDF glass bottles by leaving them out for us on your next delivery day! Be sure to leave a cooler out with plenty of ice and refrigerate ASAP upon delivery to ensure your juices stay fresh! 

Each purchase supports donkey rescue and donkey-facilitated wellness through our nonprofit Zen Donkey Experience!

Need help? We're here for you! Drop us a note any time at info@zendonkeyfarms.com

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