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Dining for Donkeys

October 9th 2021
Join us for an outdoor celebration on our farm with live music, organic plant-based food and drink, dreamy fall vibes, and of course... donkeys!

All proceeds benefit Zen Donkey Experience, our local 501(c)3 Nonprofit that rescues donkeys and gives them special jobs as wellness facilitators for local children with rare diseased and traumatic brain injuries.


Our Story

"Hi! My name is Olive. I'm one of the original rescues living at Zen Donkey Farms, and I'm here to tell you about our raw, organic, cold-pressed juices!  Not only are ZDF juices delicious, fresh, and made with responsibly and locally sourced produce, they have a purpose. When you buy ZDF juices, you directly support donkeys like me who are in training to provide therapy to humans like you."

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Our Juice

Drink daily organic veggies and fruits to feel and look your best! ZDF's raw (unpasteurized) juice provides an effective way to consume high quality nutrition that the body can quickly absorb, and efficiently transport active enzymes that can help you look and feel better, fight disease, and generally elevate your mental, emotional, and physical health. ZDF juices are made with only the highest quality, 100% organic ingredients, and are pressed with love and intention in small batches. 

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Our purpose

To make life better for donkeys and their humans, everywhere.

To help people find wellness of body, mind, spirit, and heart through a lifestyle inspired by plant-based nutrition and the healing power of donkey-assisted activities.

How you can help

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What Keeps Us Grounded

Dare to be different. Go beyond the comfort zone.

Only pure, REAL plant-based ingredients.

Nature, and the connection between animals and humans.

Kindness always, to all beings.

Ever-curious and hungry for knowledge.

You have the power to control your health and happiness.

Thank You

For supporting our herd, one juice at a time.