"The most visible creatures i know of are those artists whose medium is life. the ones who express the inexpressible... without brush, hammer, clay, or guitar. They neither paint nor sculpt - their medium is being. whatever their presence touches has increased life. they see and don't have to draw. they are artists of being alive."
- Anonymous

Meet the ambASSadors of Zen Donkey Farms!


I'm sweet, sassy, and I don't yet understand the concept of personal space. I just love everybody and want to be as close as possible! I love my blankie, grapefruit peels, rump scratches, and being the center of attention (always). Pickle is my BFF in the whole wide world, and I will treat any and all objects left in the barn as my toys and/or snacks.


The rest of the herd refers to me as the Queen / The OG / Boss Babe. I'm gentle and curious with the humans but I like to take my time getting to know everybody. I love ear rubs, turnips, carrots, bananas, apples (pretty much any and all healthy snacks the humans provide). I often get the zoomies and just run around in circles inexplicably to confuse the humans. Sometimes my long ear beards blow in the breeze.


I may look like a mini donkey on the outside, but I identify as a horse most days. My BFF's are Cutter and Leo, and they're about 4x my size. I may seem introverted, but I'll do just about anything for an ear scratch and tummy rub. ZDF juice "Earl's Elixir" is named after me... because I'm awesome, obviously. Also, my salt rock is everything. 


"I'm the tiniest in size but I have the biggest personality. My bray can be heard for miles (I only use the good notes), and I love the ladies (hubba hubba). Wheelbarrows and buckets are my jam too, especially when I knock them over. My favorite part of the day is nighttime when the humans tuck me in for bed and I try to sit on their laps. It usually ends in rump scratches and maybe a carrot if I'm lucky.

Picasso (Pico)

I'm a bit of an introvert and usually try to blend in with my surroundings, which is hard considering I'm covered in spots. I'm a bit shy and reserved, but do enjoy interacting with the humans and the ear scratches that usually follow. Elliott and I have some things to work out, but we're getting there! I enjoy nightly rolls in the dirt, followed by a solid session chewing on my favorite soccer ball.  


Hi! I'm a spunky red-headed orphan babe who loves to play, snuggle, and run around in no particular direction. I truly believe I'm half human, and would rather hang out with people than my own herd.

Why Donkeys?

Donkeys are intelligent, empathetic and versatile animals that can be amazing therapy and general wellness facilitators, family pets, and companions for other animals.

After 25 years of experience with equine-assisted therapy programs that focus on horses, and a more recent discovery of our love for horses’ long-eared cousins, we believe donkeys are an untapped resource for alternative therapy and general wellness activities. ZDF can facilitate well-being in our customers with healthy plant-based products, and in people with special needs who can benefit from donkey-assisted activities.

Many donkeys around the world need to be rescued* and given a purpose, which we believe can be to help people in need. As our herd grows, the donkeys adopted into our therapy and wellness programs will continue to be rescues. With these amazing equines and your support, we will bring world-class donkey-facilitated healing to people with unique and diverse abilities. While our roots are in Kansas City, we hope to eventually expand all across the US. Thank you for your support as we work to bridge the gap between donkeys in need of love, and people in search of wellness.

*To learn more about why donkeys need to be rescued, read the full report about the donkey skin crisis here. By adopting rescued donkeys into our therapy program, we hope to play a bigger role in the welfare of donkeys and their humans around the world, beyond our happy little herd.

How You Can Help

Purchase our plant-based wellness products online, in the KC area at the farmers market, or through one of our partners.

Help us spread the word on social media! @zendonkeyfarms and @zendonkeyexperience

Most importantly, be kind to donkeys. They deserve better!

Please consider avoiding the following to help our long-eared friends: 
• Ejiao, a "luxury" skin cream made from donkey skin 
• Donkey breeders (please consider adoption!)
• Tourism experiences that use donkeys as transportation to carry heavy loads 
• Livestock auctions/kill pens
• Petting zoos/carnivals/donkey basketball/rodeos that exploit donkeys for entertainment, often under cruel conditions