Green Reset


Made for green juice lovers and low-sugar seekers. Our most alkalizing and purest juice reset.

While we never add sugar or artificial sweeteners, the organic fruit in our juices contains natural sugar. We know many juice fans prefer low-sugar juices, so we created this cleanse with low-sugar seekers in mind. This green cleanse includes only 50g of sugar per day! This is a great option for green juice lovers and/or anyone interested in healthy weight loss.

Includes: Celery (Straight Up), LiV, Field of Greens, Rescue, Wild Burro, Jolly Jack

If you're interested in juice cleansing for more than 5 days, just drop us a note and we'll customize a plan for you.

Juice cleanse tips and recommendations:

There isn't a one-size-fits-all way to cleanse, and the approach completely depends on your own body, goals, and lifestyle!  If you've never tried an all-juice cleanse, we recommend taking it slowly by incorporating a bit of clean, easily digestible food as part of your juice reset. Enjoy a juice every 2-3 hours and drink plenty of water in between. Our Morning Kick Tonic is also a great option to drink between juices to help with hunger as well. If you’d like to supplement a cleanse/reset with clean foods, we like roasted vegetables, vegetable-based soups, avocado, and soaked seeds as small snacks between juices. Drink plenty of water, sleep well, and enjoy some light exercise (nothing strenuous). The key is to avoid added sugars, animal products (including dairy), alcohol caffeine (although many people still enjoy one cup of black coffee while on a cleanse), and anything highly processed like crackers or chips.

If drinking only liquid for your cleanse, we like to incorporate a clean dairy-free milk at the end of the day in addition to the juices, and just take it easy! Enjoy the process and look forward to hitting the reset button for your body and mind 🙂

Whether you decide to do an all-liquid cleanse or incorporate some foods, we always recommend taking at least 24-48 hours to prep the body by cutting out all the "avoid" foods above, drink plenty of water, sleep well, and mentally prepare for your reset.

This is a raw natural product and settling is natural. Shake well and enjoy within 5 days. We ask that you kindly return your reusable ZDF glass bottles by leaving them out for us on your next delivery day!

Each purchase supports donkey rescue and donkey-facilitated wellness through our nonprofit Zen Donkey Experience!

Need help? We're here for you! Drop us a note any time at

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