Sparkling Water Infusion - Flow State SPECIAL EDITION collab with Lo'eau LaBonta (single can)

Get your head in the game with F𝗟𝗢W STATE, a ✨sparkling✨ purpose-driven collaboration with professional soccer player Lo'eau LaBonta! 

We've teamed up with Lo'eau to craft the totally crushable “F𝗟𝗢W STATE,” a sparkling water infusion that embodies the essence of focus, precision, purpose, and FUN! Together, we're set to capture that spirit, both on and off the pitch.

A F𝗟𝗢W STATE of mind- Pineapple Lemon Paradise - made with fresh organic cold-pressed juice and kissed with tangy hibiscus tea, flavors that nod to Lo’s Hawaiian roots 🍍🍋✨❤️ Get in the ZONE on 𝘢𝘯𝘥 off the (shiny new) pitch with ready-to-sip F𝗟𝗢W STATE sparkling water that has a special mission supporting the special connection between rescued animals and youth athletes through our nonprofit Zen Donkey Experience

We're excited to play a small role in nourishing and refreshing our friends inside the world's first stadium built specifically for women. Let's gooooo KC Current! 

ZDF's CLEAN, high quality sparkling waters and infusions are made with REAL organic cold-pressed juice as the base flavor (nothing artificial, EVER)! 

What makes our sparking NA beverages unique?

  • No synthetics, sweeteners, or additives (Flow State includes simply ZDF's cold-pressed organic pineapple juice, lemon juice and purified carbonated water, kissed by organic hibiscus flower for a delicious tang)
  • A slightly effervescent refresher - not too carbonated, but not at all flat...just the right amount of fizz to help you sparkle!
  • Our Flow State flavor has a bright yet subtle refreshing and citrus-y vibe! It makes a perfect clean/no added sugar version of a Paloma (boozy or not, you choose)! 

    How to use:

    • Great as a refreshing and energizing sipper, mock-tail or cocktail mixer, and it's a perfect bev to keep stocked for all your hosting needs!
    • Keep refrigerated and drink super cold for best taste 
    • Cans are perpetually recyclable
    • Replace that case of mass-produced seltzers in your fridge with Simply Sparkling Water to clean up your bubbles (and support animals and humans in need while you're at it)! 

    Order singles or 6-packs online for delivery, and come by the farmers markets Saturday to grab a can or 3 and refresh, hydrate, and sparkle with us. 

    Be sure to leave a cooler out with plenty of ice and refrigerate ASAP upon delivery, and enjoy your sparkling waters super-chilled!

    Local KC-area delivery, local partners, and pick up only (for now) :) 

    Each purchase supports donkey rescue and donkey-facilitated wellness through our nonprofit Zen Donkey Experience!

    Need help? We're here for you! Drop us a note any time at

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