Vanilla Mylk (Unsweetened)


Vegan. Raw. Organic. Cold-pressed.

Ingredients: Hemp hearts, filtered water, vanilla bean, pink himalayan sea salt

FREE of: Dairy, nuts, gluten, soy, carageenen, and GMOs

Our plant mylks contain pure, plant-based protein with essential amino acids and minerals from nature to support vibrant health and longevity! ZDF hemp mylk is a healthy dairy substitute for general use or baking, is awesome straight from the bottle, used as a coffee creamer, poured over your favorite cereal, or as a base for smoothies! It's packed with clean, plant-based protein and also makes for a great post-workout recovery drink.

What sets our plant mylks apart:

  • We use only organic non-GMO hemp hearts, pressed in small batches locally
  • Unlike most dairy free mylks that are typically thickened with artificial ingredients and fillers, our hemp mylks are pure and contain ZERO artificial ingredients, fillers, or preservatives.
  • Our hemp seeds are always cold-pressed to extract all the essential amino acids and minerals from the seeds.
  • We use REAL sustainably sourced vanilla beans that support small farms (never extract)
  • Served up in reusable glass bottles

Prefer your mylk a little sweet? No problem! Check out our original vanilla hemp mylk, which is slightly sweet with pure maple from a small family farm in Vermont!

This is a raw natural product and settling is normal. Shake well and enjoy within 5 days. We ask that you kindly return your reusable ZDF glass bottles by leaving them out for us on your next delivery day! Be sure to leave a cooler out with plenty of ice and refrigerate ASAP upon delivery to ensure your products stay fresh! 

Each purchase supports donkey rescue and donkey-facilitated wellness through our nonprofit Zen Donkey Experience!

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